Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Item of the Week: OW1

Mega Metallics
So we realized we neglected to debut an item of the week for you all last week and we're really effing sorry about it ok.  But we have lives, and hopefully you do too.  However, if you were losing sleep over the lack of an eye catching item to spice up your wardrobe THE WAIT IS OVER.  Feast your eye balls on this weeks Gibson Metallic Boy Cut Blazer.  The perfect jacket so smoke a cigar in, take a few (9) shots in, or just wear out for some festive holiday parties.  If your worried about what to pair with such a daring top piece never fear....we can guarantee that with this bad boy no one will be looking downward. SO go ahead and wear some pajama pants or something.  We won't tell.  
Gibson Cutaway Metallic Blazer
Gibson Cutaway Metallic Blazer $138 (Nordstrom)


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